Monday, March 10, 2014


This week went well although I feel like there is a whole lot of work to do and some people are frustrating me with their agency... It is just strange we have some people that investigate and live the commandents and even testify that this is all true and that it has helped change their lives, but they just can't commit to get baptized. There is not much we can do about that and it is something I need to understand better, but sometimes I begin to wonder if I did something wrong or the person felt pressured or we didn't follow the spirit as we invited them. I don't know. I am very excited for the two people getting baptized on the 22nd of this month they have really done their part and it is amazing how much they have spiritually progressed in such a short amount of time.

 I am very excited for the temple trip we will have as a zone this thursday that will be the first time I have done and endowment session since I was in the MTC.

So, I have enjoyed making notes about the chapter headings in the book of Moses and then after doing that I have in mind what I would like to study and look for while I am reading the chapters. I have also read the 105th section of doctrine and covenants and I like verses 5 and six alot.

 My comp likes to get up early and read so I just exercise a little in the house. The schools are the same here the school day is just shorter and the best schools are the catholic schools.

 I love this ward it is extremely organized compared to where I have been I don't have a calling which has been nice we just go out and teach and often times members come with us and it is so much better that way. The spirit when members are there is awesome.

 I think I am losing weight again. We are working really hard and use our time really well so that involves alot of walking sometimes.

One of The things I like about having investigators and not having to contact because of references is that I have learned to teach better because we spend the majority of the time teaching now. Our Zone is having some problems with following the schedule so that has been fun to deal with. ha we have to comp exchanges every week so that we can get to know the missionaries better and help them set goals and help them work on following the schedule to study. One thing that I never want to stop doing is studying the scriptures every day I know that the reason I need to get up early in the morning to study is so that I will be able to keep that habit for the rest of my life.

So Tate and Bradford are in the same mission aren't they? I washed my shirts today and every single one had bad pit stains... I do not know what to do about that because I washed them a second time with stain stick and if they stay the same I might be buying at least a couple of new shirts pretty soon. We play something called bitillas now instead of soccer because none of my housemates like soccer. I am sure it is on youtube if you want to see what it is like just type in Bitillas the dominican Republic  and there should be something there.

 I love you Have a great week!

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