Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I think my favorite thing is just working and doing it while communicating with my companion.  I love being in a house of four because I get to be really close with the other missionaries and it is way fun. I have enjoyed teaching them to cook pancakes and to make a dominican rice recipe. I have had to adjust a little bit here because a few of the investigators really want to get baptized, but they are young and we have had to repeat lots of things many times. I enjoyed the testimony meeting this last sunday. But I think what I liked the most was that I got to bless the sacrament for the first time in a while it was kind of funny because I have never been in a chapel that is very up to date. And I forgot there was a microphone like in the chaples where we live . I said the sacrament prayer without a mike and then felt kind of silly when the bishop almost asked me to do it again because I forgot the MIcrophone. My companion has 14 months, he is from Vera cruz and he is very quiet and very obedient we get along well although we are a little different from each other he likes computers and stuff like that alot and not sports and you know how I am with computers haha.I don't really have a favorite person.......... the ward mission leader is really cool at the end of the last ward council we had he offered the closing prayer and asked that the refreshments would be blessed. we were confused because it was nine at night and no one ever brings refreshments. and when he finished he pulled candy out of his pockets and everybody started laughing really hard. I am super happy to hear about Kaden I have written him a couple times and hope he is doing well. It is nice to here about how awesome brittan is doing I wish I could have seen him represent. I am happy and I believe God is happy with what I am doing. I Love you and hope work is going well I am glad the tournament wasn't too stressful this year. Love, Elder Bell
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