Monday, March 17, 2014


Well I am working hard and loving the mission. Things are going well. Right now we are having success it has been hard on me with all of the exchanges we have we have companionship exchanges twice a week because there are a few problems in the Zone.

 We went to the templeThis last week and I loved it the experience was wonderful after not entering for sixteen months. The covenants we make in the temple really help me have a good perspective on what is important in this life. I know that what I learn and who I am with makes a big difference in the attitude that I have and the goals that I have although it is not always very clear to me what my goals are and exactly what I want to do. I Want to learn to work hard and trust that the Lord will have prepared for me what I need and will prepare a way for me to be happy.

It was really cool to hear about you and mom's trip I am so glad you had fun. I feel really weird being adapted to this life. Please don't ask me about flight plans until I have one month left.  I don't want to think about that moment until it comes and we usually don't get told untill the last two months anyway.

I feel like I need to be humble and be ready for the changes that will come throughout my life. Sometimes I feel like I get tested very hard in my faith. I know that our faith must be tested and shall always be tested because it is what gives us hope. I don't believe That there can be any hope unless we remember Christ and all that he has done for us and remember that there is life after death that we will receive our award according to our works. He will fight for us as we fight to remember him. and we have to be sincere with our heavenly father in our prayers and at times he will humble us. Especially if we forget him after what he has given us. I have experience the pride cylce in my life when things go good in my world I think all about me. Then somethings changes and makes me realize that in all that time That I was thinking about myself I forget who I am serving as I am passing through this short test phase of life.

 I love you both very much I want to return to heavenly fathers presence and stand before the judgement bar knowing that I have given my mortal life to Him who allowed me to be who I am and decide what I wanted to do with it. Super excited for conference it will be a great time to think back on this last six months and see if I applied what I learned. and them get ready to finish this last six months strong. Love, Elder Bell

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