Monday, March 31, 2014


This week went well. Many of the lesson were very inspired and the baptisms at seven a clock sunday morning were so special I have pictures I want to send, but my memory card adaptor is not working in the moment. I may be buying a new one soon.

We had three baptisms sunday morning at seven a clock so we had to get up and call people at about five and it actually went really well it was a very nice experience being in the chapel early in the morning. The only thing that didn't go as planned was we didn't have the keys to the baptismal font so I got the privelege of climbing over the glass in front and opening the doors. It was pretty original. The Names of those who were baptized are Mercedez, Waldi, and Wuascar. Mercedez is sixty and Waldi is eleven his little brother is 9 years old. Waldi has been a great example for his little brother and really has a very strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. I find it very curious that the strongest spiritual moments I have had in the mission are often related to a child bearing a very small testimony. Sometimes I feel like I look all over the place trying to strengthen my testimony and just feel frustrated. Because at times I want to force myself to feel the peace the Holy Ghost brings and then in the moment I don't expect anything I have a small yet profound moment that calms me, and reminds me that I have felt what these people have felt before. There is a scripture in alma29.. I think verse 8 somewhere around there that explains what I mean and have felt.

This transfer ends next monday. If they transfer me again I will be very sad I love this area and want to stay. Although at times it is a very hard place to be because we are at the point where there are really great friends that are not really trying to push themselves or go to church and we need to move on looking for other people. The people in the country get attatched very quickly it is hard to explain to them why we will not be visiting them as often for the fear of offending them.

I Got some pictures and a card from Grandma and Grandpa Bell please thank them. I am very excited for general conference this weekend it should be a very great experience and it is my last GC for a while as a full time missionary. I will definately be looking for guidance as to what I need to be doing at this point of my life. I like the pictures of brittan's bald head ha he actually looks pretty good like that haha. I am trying to start a card to write to you all, but it has been very difficult to have time because of some of the troubles that we are having with missionaries in our zone we don't get a whole lot of personal time. I saw cole's pictures and he looks pretty happy he sent me a pretty long email this week filing me in on what's going on I appreciate that from him. We are all keeping in touch as we serve our missions it has been a cool experience. Love you have a great week :) elder Bell

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