Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not that much has changed for me because of hurricane sandy. However we did learn something pretty cool from our teachers this week. The people in the Dominican Republic have noticed that every since the temple was made here in 2000, hurricanes come to approach the DR and turn left and hit haiti.... kind of stinks for Haiti but God really doesn't want to ruin his temples I guess.. which is totally understandable :).
 Today 40 latinos arrive and my companion and I are the Assitants to the MTC President so all of their questions will be directed toward us. Let's hope that my Spanish is sufficient haha. there is 1 from Guatemala, one from Honduras, 3 from chile, ten from mexico, 1 from columbia and the rest are from the DR. and four sisters from the DR and one from Honduras. Here is my adresses for when I am in the field:
Letters: Santo Domingo East Mission
            SDQ 4102
             2250 NW !!4th Ave-Unit 1A
             Miami, FL 33172-3652
 Packages: Santo Domingo East Mission
                 AP 000914
                 8532 NW 66th St.
                  Miami, FL 33166
I sent some letters this week that you should all be getting t soon I hope :) I enjoyed hearing from Brittan and Bay :) thank you Baylin :). We don't get alot of time to type..., but that's ok we get to go to the temple right after this :). Mom I got your letter and I have the same ;companion I had in provo I can't remember if I anwered that or not. I want to talk with Braelin Yearsely and Josh Hansen if you could please get me their email :)  Love you thank you for everything!

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