Thursday, October 25, 2012

MTC - Dominican Republic - Oct. 24, 2012

Well first of all it is always warm here.... but right now not really haha the biggest storm ever is outside.  It has been raining for 24 straight hours and I can always hear the wind outside.

Pretty cool! last week we got to go tracting on a nearby university campus I my companion and I talked with ten different people and gave a twenty minute lesson to a man named eddy ruis. His father was a member but he never understood the church. He told us that he believes that any church that teaches of Christ is true. He words of the book of mormon and he has one. He gave us his number so that other missionaries could contact him and talk more because they can probably communicate better.What was really interesting was how we ran into him. We were walking on the campus with tons of people everywhere and we heard someone say "God Bless You" in English.  We kept walking for about ten yards and then both suddenly turned around to find who had said that. It was Eddy. We are capable of speaking Spanish, but understanding Dominicanas is another story. Their words are blended together and they hardly open their mouths. It was a great experience and everyone here is very receptive and kind and they are ready to hear about the gospel. Apparently in the mission I am going to there are close to 600 baptisms a month on average pretty crazy.

 Something interesting we learned is that the DR is the first place Columbus went to and everytime he came back he always visited the DR. There is something very special about this place. The work is rolling forth here like the stone cut out of the mountain in Daniel 2:42-44 I think haha.

I love you and I really miss my family that is the hardest thing about being here I am not able to see you wonderful faces everyday. Love, Elder Bell and My understanding for the Atonement has grown so much. Please send me justin's email. That is so cool Africa!? Parker and Josh. That is going to be an amazing experience. Today we are supposed to go to the Botanical Gardens , but I doubt that happens, it is pretty terrible outside right now.
Love you please keep me updated on the presidential election and all that other good stuff you send me :) . Also, I don't know if any of the lettters are coming through becauseI haven't got any here and Cassidy has only received two of my letters and I have sent much more than that in the past month I don't know if dear elders are working for me right now every one else gets them but I haven't received them just bad luck I guess ha love you mom have a great day! :)
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