Monday, December 9, 2013


Well this week was a little boring my companion has had headaches so we haven't left the house  since tuesday. Except for the fact that we went and played soccer for six hours today so I really don't understand his headaches. I guess we are going to the capital to buy him glasses on wednesday I think and supposedly that will help him.
I gave the packages to the other three elders in our apartment and they were really excited and told me to thank you very much. The two new missionaries  in our branch are Elder Tirado from chiwawua, Mexico and Elder Castro who started here in this area and he is from Lima, Peru.
 I have been using my card more latley mostly for stuff like a soccer ball, dominos... and I will be buying new work out shoes because the others are dying ha :) could you do me a favor and let me know how much money there is in my account?
 I made the the chocolate cookies form the cake mix and after eating some took the rest to some families in our branch... I felt so much like a sister missionary haha they always do stuff like that..but they do seem to have a lot of success so we will see if it worked for me. If not I will just have to make more cookies.
So, wrestling has been going for at least two week now and I am pretty sure there was a tournament last weekend and they have dueled probably twice... tell dad and brittan they deserve a boche ( dad should get that I don't know if it is dominican) if not it means to chew them out. and I want to know what is going on at least a little bit please :)
 If you could send me the skype information of the skype I am using and not you guys I will be ready I should be skyping from the chapel, however I still don't know when.
 Wow mom so I have a little gift for the bell grandparents, but I don't know what would be good forthe allens there any kind of things they collect or that they like that a could buy them?I would buy a nut cracker, but I don't think they know what those are here ha. something
 I am really enjoying right now is the last three chapters of moroni and moroni 7:48 that states that only a true disciple of Jesus Christ  is given the pure love of christ from God. so we see that charity is something we earn and there are many aspects to it. a few verses before 48 and article of faith #13 really describe what charity is. By the way excuse me about Lehi's vision it definately was the holy ghost I went back and reviewed it and looked at some other things it is definately the Holy Ghost.
Something interesting this week is we hadn't had water to shower for four days so last night I got to shower in the rain at about two a clock in the morining when I woke up... it was acutally really nice
Thank you so much for the packages I have recived five form you and one from grandma and grandpa Bell thank you so much for the pictures by the way. I was wondering if you every do send another package or letter and remember ths I will be extremly grateful because this has been in my head for a while. I want the picture of the Christmas before I left with all of the bell familhy together at the party the funny faced one and the normal one if you could do that I would be really excited.  Love you mom say high to the fam. Love,Elder Bell
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