Monday, December 2, 2013


 I am excited to spend Christmas here in Los Llanos there are some really awesome members here.

This week I focued a lot in D&C 11 it is a great chapter I really love verse 18 I am grateful for the Scripture references you send it is always nice to be able to have new scriptures to pass over and see how they help me be more converted.

 I am starting to gain weight now ha got to get excercising hopefully it will be easier now that I have kind of gotten rid of the allergy I had.

 I am glad then the Allen Grandparents are doing well makes me smile.

Something that I want to do very badly is go to the temple because it has been thirteen months without even seeing it now. I just have bad luck with temple rotations I left right before they went and returned right after this zone had made a trip.

 This week II ate two chicken claws and a very hot pepper called ahitipi it is a little tiny red thing and whatever it touches doesn't stop burning for a while , suprisingly I liked it.

 I love you bunches have a good week! Love Elder Bell

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