Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Dec 16 at 3:41 PM
I had to take out some money to help my comp buy glasses so that his headaches would stop so that is what happened there. He payed me back already so it is all good and we are working hard.  
We don't have water problems that often, but it happens haha showering in the rain is better anyways. I am really in need of a haircut right now...
Tell grandma and grandpa thanks for the money I bought new tennis shoes with it.  
We are four Elders in a branch the newest of us is from Peru and acts a whole lot like Elder Huanca it is weird to see how elder Huanca probably was when he started the mission.  But this missionary is tiny and always constantly asking me questions which really makes things interesting. This place is the biggest pit of temptation there is for some missonaries it really surprises me sometimes... maybe that is how it is in all the missions I don't know.
So I am excited for Christmas. I plan on making more cookies this Sunday for the branch members. Lots of cookies like a gift for Christmas.. It still feels weird pulling a sister missionary move like that but whatever. Well I was going to send pics this week, but I took the wrong computer. sounds like you are all having fun I hope everything keeps going well at Home I love you tons! Elder Bell

Yeah that is awesome that you sent me those videos haha he still wrestles different than I ever did, but it sure looks like he is tearing it up so that is cool. Ahhh so my companion is really starting to come alive as a result of his buddy leaving I think . He talks to me now and everything and is really putting forth effort to work this last week was a whole lot better.

 I am really trying to work on my personal prayers I find that something that is often missing is trying to ask questions that actually matter to me to be able to spill out the desires of my heart before God I have recognized that  all of the prayers of great significance in my life I have really asked questions after expressing gratitude, but not just a question and then keep going but actually trying to describe what I feel and the Spirit often guides me in that. Love you dad tell britt I am gonna train for a month when I get back and then it is on! ;) have a good week!

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