Monday, November 11, 2013


Wow I had no clue about the Philipines, I was in shock when I heard about Brinton Carlson I love that guy. I hope he is ok. He graduated with me and everything.

Well my cultural experiences usually include talking about baseball or having to explain to people here that I don't know how to dance bachata or salsa or  mambo, because it isn't common where I live.The people here love music and they have some really good stuff and kinds orf dancing that originated here. I do want to learn to dance more when I go home. I have been enjoying walking ankle deep at least in water and mud wherever I go. I really have been focusing alot on the young men's program here becasue that didn't have their own class or anything before. Well I am still working on playing soccer, however I have to learn how on a basketball court because there is no where else. I love buying sugar cane still. I can buy a huge stick of it for only fifty cents so flipping good. Ahhhhh I am really way too comfortable as a missionary haha I have noticed that one of the first things I do every morning is I pray then I go put a shirt on so I can put on my plaque haha kind of nerdy.

Tell dad to keep updating me with the stuff about college wrestling haha I miss that still. Where does Baylin want to go to college? where is she applying?  I think I will go to ISU when I get home that way I don't have to take out loans and stuff like that. My companion is cool. He did some MMA before the mission and played on a soccer team I think he was a mechanic too.

Wellllllllllll I don't have a whole lot more to say sometimes I totally space. I really have enjoying reading Joseph Smith History lately and focusing on his feelings and the way the spirit guided his words in defense of the truth it is pretty spectacular when you read it and realize how powerful and sincere his testimony really is  I am striving to have a testimony like that.

 Love you all tons have a great week
 Love , Elder Bell

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