Monday, November 18, 2013


Well the spiritual experience this week would be that we went to look for inactive members and found three sisters that got baptized six years ago but stoppped going two years ago because  it wasn't the same when the missionaries changed. That is one of the excuses that makes me really sad that they were going to church to please the missionaries. So we got to know them pretty well and then read alma 5:26 and asked them how the misionaries that they are so tight with would feel if they saw what they are doing now and it really touched them we then read a chapter in john 21 and reminded them that just as the apostles did we all lose motivation at times, but all the same Christ expects us to keep pushing forward and learn to progress and adapt and help others want to sing the song of redeeming love that we feel as we are continually more and more converted to our savior's teachings..
 Sounds like a really weird dream mom don't dream stuff like that. ha yes sugar cane is just a big stick you chew on it and spit out the remains after getting the sugar out it is flipping good.  We do service for people all the time usually digging  up piles of dirt and mving them to make the bases of houses and stuff like that. We painted the kitchen of a hospital last week too. That sounds like a whole lot of fun with the  primary. I am super jealous about the State championship haha I had a bad dream about football the other night.. which isn't as common. I really don't like remembering that stuff sometimes so I don't think about it. Every day is a fresh start, The priests and teachers only showed up ten minutes late to Sacrament meeting this time so that was good they actually even blessed the sacrament. We are trying to get them ready to serve missions in two years so the Duty to God Program is a big deal they have never established it or used it here so that is badly needed.
You want to know what is stressful? teaching english classes to twenty people and five of them change everyweek and they all have a different leven of understanding and are different ages.
Tell Justin congratulations for me.  I was really excited about the trip to china that will be an awesome experience. Where does Bay want to go to college?do you have any plans for Christmas? what else... have you accepted the friend requiests I may or may not have on Facebook?
 Mango season gets here in two months... TWO MONTHS I can't wait I missed the last one and now I am in a place where there are so many I can get them for free! I am starting to gain weight again! No one in our house wants to leave to do anything like that so it is a little difficult ha I just have to pretend I will be wrestling when I get home and that I am training for wrestling season and I will be more motivated haha.
 Love you all a whole bunch have a wonderful week!
 Love, Elder Bell

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