Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov. 4, 2013

That is cool  I love hearin about what is going on in sports. It sounds like you all had a blast for Halloween.
 My new companion and area are... very different the only thing that is like my other areas is that I still feel very isolated from all the other missionaries.  I get along with my companion.  I was really bummed today because we were supposed to get together with a whole bunch of Elders and play soccer, but it has been raining for the past twenty four hours, we were about to get on the three hour bus ride to go play and we got a called that it was cancelled... I spend more time washing everyone's dishes than I do exercising which kind of kills me. But the bright side is this house at least has a pull up bar inside.Yesterday I was told I was teaching the Young  Men's lesson from now on and I know that that will be a blast. Basically I get to be the young men's president for a little while and I love teaching them even though they don't listen for the first thirty minutes. If I am patient they always end up participating by the end. This area rains too much so we are always walking in the mud.

 I want a rematrch against that Rock Springs wrestler. I  had a dream about that match the other night.It is pretty weird how fast time starts going two weeks in to the transfer and I feel really new still the area is small too and I am still getting used to it. Tell Trevor thank you for the quote in the Dear Elder he sent me it has been helping me alot I needed it. I love you and mom and bay and brit and brea miss you all , but that's just how it is!
                      Love, Elder Bell

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