Monday, October 28, 2013

Back in the DR 10/28/2013 Los Cianos

 I am living in a four man house with Elder Huanca again so that is really cool. I really was completely shocked and sad to leave, but that is just how it goes.

 Bay and britt have told me nothing haha.  I got a birthday package from Grandma but besides that nothing yet.

The challenges in this area is that the evangelical church is more entertaining for people, especially since not a whole lot of the people out here know how to read. I am the branch secretary right now. The branch really struggles with people getting baptized and then just going inactive. We have 180 members here and 30 of them go to church.  This place is really really quiet. I love it. I do have to teach english classes again which I am not so fond of. Everyone has a different level of knowledge so it makes it impossible to progress.

I love speaking spanish again I am really focusing on it so I can study it more in college then I want to study portuguese I think I want to go more into languages. I am going to miss playing futbol for hours on p-day my new comp can play well, but for only about ten minutes haha.

Well love you mom you are in my prayers, talk to you next week :)

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