Monday, October 14, 2013


Today at 7:41 AM
Well I have known for a while , but it was confirmed last week that I am no longer going to be in San Nicolas I am getting moved to the other side of the Island and Sister Missionaries are coming to this area . You know what that means..we have special orders to clean the house and make it really nice so that is what we have been doing a whole lot of.
 I can't believe I only get six more weeks here on these Islands and then I get sent back to the DR to get culture shocked all over again. It is really strange that I have more time in these ABC islands than I have had in the DR.
 We are doing well lately we have had some really really hard days, but some good ones too. The family that made it to the last thirty minutes of conference is doing well, however the father really doesn't like church because he has had a whole lot of prior experience with being cheated and stolen from in all the other churches so we finally got to talk to him last night and he still doesn't like the idea that his family wants to go to church. But his son that is seventeen has been going and his sister that is twenty, their mother really would like to go, but  she has a hard time making it because of her work schedule.Last night she made us some see food it was the head of a squid cut into rings and fried and it was amazing.
 Last week we went and played with some really good soccer players it was tons of fun got to really move around and enjoy playing a fast paced sport again.I never told you that I was really considering buying soccer cleats for a while did I? Then I realized it would just be a waste of money since I only get to play thirty minutes in the mornings and on p-day.
Today we are oging to have another Argentine style barbeqcue at the Branch President's house. We ate so much last time I don't know if I will do that again I also have plans to go buy stuff this Monday. I don't know it that will happen or not though.ahhh it is bugging me so bad that I can't spell barbecque right....oh well I love you all I am glad things are going well at home enjoy those freezing temperatures;) 
Love, Elder Bell

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