Monday, October 7, 2013


  (I asked Bren if he needed to go buy a bike that wasn't from Toys R Us.)  I am working on getting a bike repaired.(Of course I am worried about him being sick.)  I am feeling well my body beat the amoebas I think. I miss the craziness in our house.  (Brit and Brea were fighting over parade candy just as Brea was getting ready to write to Brennan.  Kind of ruined her mood to write.) Tell Brittan he better say sorry to her buy her a bag of that candy and help her finish writing that letter. (Even though it may not have been her fault, funny even at a distance he is taking care of the baby girl., and bossing the younger brother around.)

 I really enjoyed the conference even though we spent half the time trying to fix the internet in our little house chapel. We had investigators come to church for the first time this transfer and there were eight of them so that was an energy booster. Saturday I had the best barbecque of my entire life we helped with a service project on friday and cut up the ribs and the chicken for three hours and the next day in between conference sessions we got to the barbecque late and they gave us all of the ribs that were left. I am never going to forget that :)

This last week was a little tedious because I spent five hours each day in a customs place trying to get my visa extended so I can stay here until the fifth of December. It is done now so that stress is gone.It has been extremely hard to meet with people and teach and help them people aren't holding through on their commitments, but a few people came to church this week and it gave me some hope. Right now we really need to focus on our obediance to the will of  God and work hard on following every little rule and doing all the little things like Dad always taught me and like it says in alma 37 and then we will see god realize his works of salvation through us. If I don't put the will of God first as a missionary I simply can not expect him to use me as an instrument. I have found that weakness is something that I need if I want to progress and as I strengthen my weaknesses I will be able to ascend to another level of faith. I love that quote about doubting our doubts before our faith also. Some of the best counsel I have ever heard every day we will be enfronted with reasons to doubt our faith and that just gives us an opportunity to learn where we can strangthen our faith, what we can study, and how we can serve someone else today to be able to forget ourselves and our doubts and invite someone else to be edified in their faith.

Time is going faster everyday. I feel like I start to get to know people and get kicked out of my area. I might be getting moved to the north side of Orangestad in two weeks because sister missionaries are coming to this area and we supposedly are going to have a new area in Aruba

. I thought it was really cool that there were alot of talks focused on basic covenants and ordinances Saturday. We so easily forget the importance of our covenants with God.

I have been loving it here with my comp we go and play soccer every morning at six , but he still makes me look foolish he played for a semi pro team before the mission haha. Well I better write my mission President now I love you tons! ,Elder Bell

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