Monday, June 10, 2013


 This week we have a baptism Ellery and Nurgia are awesome they will be the first Bonaire born couple to ever join the church here.

 This week I wrecked on my bike trying to carry a cantalope in one hand got to a turn and was going to fast stall on my front tire because I hit the front brakes too hard and held up traffic as many cars were behind me. I am ok, but my pride may have been hurt...just a little bit haha.

What else...we have been trying really hard to get people to do their visits here because that basically has not been existent.

 I leave to Curcao monday! sounds like a lot of fun 250,000 people on that little island so lots more to do and I get a car every single day :) yesssss I am sad to leave bonaire but I have worked hard here and don't have any regrets.

 Today we thought we were going didn't happen ahhhhhh that means I won't be golfing in the Caribbean any time soon .Love you mom sending some pictures your way.

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