Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer is here too and it is very hot ha.  We have been having a harder time here again with finding people to teach but at least three of the people we started teaching six weeks ago are coming to church every week and two of them get baptized on the 15th two days before I transfer to Curcao.
Today we drove to the national park here on the island and got some awesome pictures that I will send next week. We have been having a lot of fun here the people that do meet with us are amazing and I have been able to witness a lot of progress in the branch here. hopefully next monday we will go golfing with the branch president here if he has time to take us.
We have had such a blast teaching Ellery and Nurgia two bonairians that were very hesitant at first but through doing service projects for them and them putting in their effort to feel if this is the true church.They have some of the strongest testimonies I have seen and are very excited to be baptised. It is a very rewarding feeling to find people that will actually benefit from the church and work to help the Lord's kingdom become stronger. They are so much happier now than they were when I first met them and I was able to be part of helping them gain that happiness which is so exciting and rewarding to recognize
.Wrestling camp sounds like so much fun looking back on it I don't think there are alot of things that are more fun for me than going to a wrestling camp with all my friends there.
 This week I learned alot of things that have helped strengthen my testimony in the church in my personal scripture study and companionship study. I know that those are things that I want to continue doing the rest of my life. It is too uplifting and helpful for my to ever stop learning through studying the words of the prophets
.It is really strange now that I think in spanish first but mostly only talk in papiamentu really kind of messes with my head, and my english so when are you all in Park city? and how long? can I see a few pictures please? sorry for being so demanding but pictures are pretty much the funnest thing to receive. I bet it would be hard to focus with all of our family runing around like that it has got to be pretty hectic. Well mom I love you very very much I am going to try to answer bay and britt and dad's emails now have a wonderful week :)

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