Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Curacao - 6-18-2013 Week 1

Hey mom! how are you all after the fun week? I am doing great this island is completely different than Boinare two hundred thousand people very very busy haha. Two elders from Aruba were over here for a day so they could get their visas cleared and then go back and we had a blast we played two on two in basketball....wow I am so terrible at basketball ha but I got tons of rebounds on the bright side of things :)
The branch here is pretty big and we have a building that was actually made by the church and not rented so that is cool. I guess our main work here is working with all the less active member because there is a ridiculous amout of those here. I don't know exactly what happened but at one point in time there were twelve missionaries here and five branches they split the branches and the church kind of fell apart and they pulled all those missionaries out and there were not any missionaries for about two years so many people went in active.
My new companion's name is Elder Irizarry he is from arizona and he is probably the most outgoing companion I have had really fun to be around. I feel bad for him though because I am such a terrible driver ha I have almost killed us a couple of times, I hope he can one day get home to his family safe. Traffic is pretty ridiculous here and we have a pretty powerful car and I am so out of driving mode. Elder Irizarry plays lacrosse so that was pretty cool to find out I think he has fifteen months as a missionary right now too.
 It was weird getting on another plane just to go to my next area I guess I better just get used to it because I found out that I do go to aruba for sure in two transfers.
Our two baptisms last weekend were totally awesome and I will send as many pictures as I can next p-day. Right now we are praparing two investigators for baptisms on the 29th of this month pretty exciting and we are going to find some amazing people who are prepared for the gospel this week. there are a whole lot more places to look for people on this island so that is exciting.
Tell britt and brea to write me when they get a little bit of time about what has been going on I love you all so much! , Elder Bell

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