Monday, June 10, 2013

To Dad - Fathers Day 2013

I am working on your father's day letter it will be there late but you should be getting a hand written one soon. That experience sounds absolutely amazing.  (Temple walk 2013) I am so happy they were all able to do it. So did Brittan run a lot of it then. Sounds like he was trying to hurry. haha Way to finish. I hope your foot gets better soon. It is interesting that it got hurt on the thirteenth mile. Every time I think of thirteen miles I think of when you broke that record for the wrestling team at Rick's. I love you father you are amazing and I appreciate the lessons you have taught me as well as the work ethic you have to provide for our family. I often wonder how your mission was as I serve my own mission and it makes me proud to remember that we have both served the Lord in the missionfield. We have really put emphasis in the branch with visiting. That is something I now recognize I must fulfill with in the future if I want to be a Righteous Priesthood holder and be a real servant to our Heavenly Father. I have learned so many lessons here from fathers not doing their job or playing their role in the family and It fills me will gratitude to know that you play the role in my life that you need to to help me grow strong and obedient. I think obedience is the most important think for me out here it helps me develop the other attributes of Christ I need. This church is about developing the body of Christ which are his saints. Thank you so much I love you dad!

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