Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1st week in Capital, Santo Domingo

So mom I started writing a response to questions from Cassidy's email and it was much longer than I thought. However I thought you would like it to so I sent it to you and dad.

A few other things I wanted to say I like the challenge you and Bay are doing you have a lot of support that way.

 I like the fact that the only scripture we can bring into the celestial room is our patriarchal blessing. Our own book of scriptures with promises and counsel from the Lord. I have to comment I think it is super funny how happy people get about there phones especially like the new galaxy or an Iphone.. I am not talking to you exclusively when I say that, but I have just have so many experiences with that in the mission ..it is ridiculous ha. I hope I never go back to how I was with the phone again texting was a waste of time.

Anyways I love you a whole bunch I appreciate you so much for writing me faithfully you are the only one who has never missed a week keep on working keep on smiling the time with keep flying :) Love yu

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