Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1/28/2014 Cassidy's email:)

80 hours? ouch... ha Cassidy think about it I only have seventy hours a week of proseliting time plus ten hours of scripture study.. you are working more hours than me.... please don't burn yourself out..
.Being Zone leader is cool mostly because I can do exchanges every week and get to know other Elders... what I don't like as much is that I get to work less time in my area I am usually gone on day from it a week to another..The rewarding and at times tiring part is I feel like I always have to be happy so I can help other Elders and Sisters be happy it is hard to lift someone's spirit if we ourselves. So being happy and energetic I feel is basically mandatory and I will admit the mission is more enjoyable that way, but also I come home really tired.
Well we had a nice dominos activity that the relief society hosted this last weekend which was really nice since I haven't been to an activity in the mission that I didn't have to help organize until that. The ward and bishop here have a ward plan too so that is very encouraging.
Today I had the best papaya smoothie. I think that is my favorite smoothie that there is.
Disappointing moment of the week was when the two investigators we had committed to go to church said they would go with us to church and fifteen minutes later after walking to their house they decided they don't want to go.
 Elder Miranda is a cool Elder really nerdy, but so am I haha I told him a cheesy joke that we said alot in the states where one muffin says to another in the oven that it is hot and then the other one freaks out and screams Wow! a talking muffin! Needless to say he thought it was the funniest thing in the world  and has been telling that same joke to everyone we know
The moments when I feel most loved are usually after I get rejected at someones doorstep or someone makes fun of me, because I know I am doing this shoulder to shoulder with all the other missionaries in the world including the Apostles and Prophet and We all have to feel a little tiny itty bitty portion of what Jesus Christ felt His Throne and his bitter cup are inextricably linked if we want to be at  the right hand of his throne our portion of the bitter cup will be there too. I also feel immensely blessed in my scripture study it reminds me who I am and gives me hope to go out and work hard because this is my place in the kingdom of God right now. I really like Ether 12:4 latley. Love you!

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