Monday, January 6, 2014


That Dear Elder still hasn't got here about Andre and Zack. I am so glad they are ok, however, that really is devastating. Those are the kinds of things only the grace of the atonement can help us overcome completely.

Well for the first time I think we have a real baptismal date that could really follow through the 25th of this month. Hopefully Royer puts in the effort to receive a testimony of these things. The Peruvian that is brand new in our house is really funny, but I don't think he realizes it he follows me around everywhere trying to get me to teach him english every single moment that we are in the house together. And he sings just about every eighties and ninties rock song you could ever think of the only problem is he has absolutely no idea what the words he is saying means.

The sister in the church I was telling you about that kind of bugs me with thinking she can boss us around like here own children and stuff did something really cool fast Sunday. She stood up and thanked us for helping her be excited about the book of mormon and bore a very spiritual testimony. I was super happy to see that because I have been super stubborn about members here not reading the BoM andwe have tried very hard to help them to at least read it for the first time. She has read the first 13 chapters now and most of them she has read at least twice to try and remember them better. That was a great blessing last week.

 I Served with Elder Braden Coleman in the islands. He is pretty awesome ha. I got some good news from aruba today that someone we found about five months ago is getting baptized on the twenty fifth I am excited it is an awesome young man I hope he serves a mission he is 18 right now. Next week the transfer ends I plan on staying with Elder Diaz one more transfer at least and in the area at least three more months. It is interesting because the area is very very small and it is sometimes hard to find something that is effective and that my companion wants to do.

 I am going to try and work harder to exercise in the morning it gets boring sometimes not being able to go out and run is all. Speaking of Elder Thornock I found a thumb drive that has a ton of his pictures on it yesterday so I need to write him and get that to him. I was looking at the younger missionaries shirts today and I realized their shirts are a lot whiter than my shirts.. I didn't realize I was that old haha. Well love you mom thank you for always taking the time to write me! tell the family I love them!

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