Monday, February 3, 2014


That´s a bummer that Denver lost... But I am glad you liked seatle´s uniforms mom ha :). I am glad to hear about bay and brit´s success. How is Brea?

 So we have not had families to teach especially because people don´t legally get married here, and we had the coolest miracle happen this week. The elders in the area next to ours went contacting way outside of their area on accident and called us saying that they had references of people in our area and now we are teaching at least five families. I don´t think any of them are married, but at least the families paid attention and one of them went to church this sunday. I still get worried that I am going to get pulled out of this area after two transfers just like it always happens I would really like to stay here longer. I don´t know if I told you last week , but the young man named Roger that I was teaching in Los LLanos got baptized two weeks after I left and one of the priests in the youg mens group baptized him. I have been told that the young men and young women are being much more active and reverent now which has brought me a fairly large amount of happiness.

I haven´t done a very good job at writing anyone at home lately because I have been writing the young men and another member in los llanos I will be better at writing after that I hope.

 Today we played soccer and went to a columbian restaurant let Aunt Connie Know she paid for some very good food and some very good juice called lulo juice. Is troy getting in good shape again? How is there gym? I am kind of excited to go see that after.

 I have discovered something in the mission that I thought was a myth before... People from texas really are more prideful than normal people usually are haha I love them to death, but it is like they are never wrong and that if you don´t think they are the best state then you are against them. I have only lived with to people from texas so I am probably stereotyping, but it really seems that way.

Love you Mom and Dad give a hug to my brother and sisters for me!

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