Monday, February 10, 2014


Today at 1:00 PM  The miracle this week is that the goal for baptisms for the ward is 4 baptisms a month and last month there was only one baptism between us and the other two missionaries in the ward. So we need four baptisms to make up for the ones we didn{t have last months. First miracles was that last saturday a member who was here on vacation from mexico intoduced us to here daughters that have been coming to sacrament meeting for two weeks and we didn{t even know one is 20 and two are 18 they are twins and yesterday we put a baptismal date for february 22nd and they accepted now we just have to work hard to make sure they are ready for this saturday. And also there is a young women whose mother and little sister have been members for two years, but she has not wanted to commit to be baptized because she is struggling with a certain comandement and she is a little rebelious toward here mom. However she always goes to church and often to seminary. Well, yesterday she approached us and said she needed to talk to us. then she explained that she would like to be baptized on the 22nd. Which is a miracle we had been praying for. We had invited her to be baptized two weeks ago and she said she wasn{t sure.. so to not pressure her we left here alone for two weeks and because she kept going to church and seminary she felt the spirit change her heart and now she is ready. we will have four baptismal interviews this saturday if all goes well.
 I Have enjoyed Dand C 50:10 through 14 and also I have been putting focus in the questions of the soul that are answered in the Book of Mormon. The preach my gospel book has a page in the book of Mormon section that has all the questions and it is a huge tool. Two days ago I was struggling with my study so that night in my planning I took out extra time to decide what to study and I felt the inmpression that I should study one of those questions I did not know which one, but I wrote it down as my plan and went to sleep. The next day I picked the question that states: What can I do to have more peace and joy in this life and in my family. I then read the 2nd chapter in mosiah which corresponds with that question and it was nice I did not think much of it I saw some scriptures in a different perspective and wrote down my thoughts. then we left to our first appointment  we had planned to explain what the purpose of the book of mormon is to a new investigator who is a single mom. as we read the third paragraph of the introdution something changed in her and she payed alot of attention to the words so we asked her what she was thinking. We thought she would respond something like...Jesus Christ came to the American continent? or What is the plan of salvation? but she suprised us both and asked. what does it mean have more peace in this life and in the coming life? from there I realized that God had shown me the answer she was looking for in the Book of mormon in the same chapter I was studying that morning . And that She was the reason I had felt I needed to study that question because that is exactly what she asked. If we take the time to think about what we should study before we rush and just read a chapter the gift of the Holy Ghost is permitted to guide us because we are using our agency in an appropriate manner. I have learned that if I am losing interest in my study or if I get sleepy it might just be because I am blindly studying without a spiritual goal our purpose and that studying the scriptures just to know the history or just to know where cool verses are at isnt enough. We have to study with the goal of spiritually preparing ourselves to share our testimony with others and if the spirit guides us. And trust me it was not a huge impression just a small thought that came into my mind after I sat peaceful for just a moment. We should take the small moments to plan for spiritual success and to plan to edify ourselves spiritually. I dont know if that sister will ever get baptized but I know I did my part in preparing and I know we all felt the spirit because of it.
 Yes we are both Zone Leaders it is nice because we both work hard and study and we communicate well. I have learned a lot and still have a long ways to go in my communication with others. I got to give a talk in a leaders conference last week. About how to better comunitcation in a companion ship and it mostly came down to in the mission if we dont have study together plan together and set goals and study the language together then we will have more conflicts than needed. I am now study another question of the soul in alma chapter 39 which helps us know how to keep our families safe from the dangerous temptations that we face in our daily lives. Love you a ton have a great week.

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