Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Well, Transfer calls happened last night and I am not with Elder Miranda anymore I will now have a companion from mexico named Elder Martinez. However, I will still continue in this area which is awesome because this area is totally awesome. One of the elders that was with us got called to go to coracao and that kind of made me miss being there ha. My president       knows a little bit of english his wife knows a lot more. I feel like he is more businesslike however I cannot sincerely say  I know because I haven't talked  with him that much. I was supposed to have an interview last week but there was an  emergency and he had to leave because a missionary was in the hospital.
 Only one more week of wrestling season mom! whooo hooooo!haha just enjoy  it I miss it so much.. even though I understand that it is hard on you especially.
The baptisms did not follow thru this weekend,but we  moved the dates for march so that they could prepare themselves more and all get baptized together. I am loving the mission still I love my area and I will pray for the Parrish family... I can't really believe that that happened. Sometimes it is just confusing what happens in this life, but I know that this is just the test portion of our life and that  the  real blessings we receive are from when we enter into the next realm of life.I will definately be praying for   Ian  as that will be a difficult call  for him to receive.
I have liked Mark chapter 12 alot lately and2 nefi   25:29         Mark chapter twelve explains the dispensationsandthe apostasy really well. Love youmom I will most likely havepictures next week. LOve all of you I am so glad that allis well at home! LOveElder Bell                                  

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