Monday, February 17, 2014


I thank you for sharing that Vday experience  sounds just like dad hahahaa. I am going to start off answering your questions. I have not tried new food lately we actually even go to a mall on Mondays to eat Papa John's, The baptisms fell through for this months just because that family went on a vacation and we don't want to rush the baptism so we should have it on the eighth, but it really depends when they want to do it. No we have this plastic washer and a spinner to get rid of the extra water I am sure it would be easy to find a picture on google. I think everything is good with clothes, however I have been giving lots of ties away. We can't eat with members ever unless we help them make the food at a family home evening. Lots of members attend the ward around a hundred every week. Yes in many wards and branches there are two sets of missionaries. This place needs the support because there are not a bunch of proactive members. There are less members than where we live so there are more people to look for and we help capacitate members sometimes.

 This last week was difficult because we didn't get any references and my companion seems to dislike contacting people whenever I mention it he starts to contact, but if people don't start to show interest immediately he totally shuts down the conversation and we move on .Besides that we are working hard and I feel like we are helping the ward.

 I really liked the heart messages in the valentines day packages those were so much fun to read! As for scriptures I have enjoyed lately I am in the Isaiah Chapters in 2 Nephi I think starting in chapter eleven. I have really enjoyed understanding and learning more about those chapters. A scripture I have had in mind quite a bit lately is Eclesiastes chapter 3 verse 22. and also The section 21 of doctrine and covenants I like the verses from 8 to 10. I am learning a lot about the church and how it functions from the leaders and It has been nice to be around lots of missionaries again like how it was when I started the mission. I will have my second interview with the mission president tomorrow because it is our zones turn. I only have to wait two and a half more months to go to the temple again have been thinking about that a lot lately

.Love you mom. I hope your job keeps going well keep smiling these two months are probabably my favorties months from my life before the mission I just lived too stressed sometimes. I think I should have focused on the simple things and worried more about learning about the gospel and I would have been less stressful and more helpful and happy., I hope I can simplify my life later on so that I can be happy and focus on what is most important mainly my family. Love, Elder Bell

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