Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Ok so we had an awesome baptism. He is an amazing person I am trying to send the pictures with this E-mail , but the memory is being weird so it may not work. Yeah I can't send the pictures I will have to use my other memory if I want to send them. But anyways, the baptism went well he got confirmed on Sunday.  I wouldn't say that the most spiritual experiences have been baptisms though usually my favorite part is the beginning when the person really feel something that they need it it is as if something is awakened and they act because they want to and almost nothing is required on our part except honesty and support and being worthy by being obedient. However the hardest times are after some has had a moment like that and they get distracted or stop trying to seek guidance from Heavenly Father and begin to look for answers from the world and ask everyon else's opinion and decide that with all the opinions and points of view that there are that the truth will only come out when Christ is hear again. I know that it is here now. At least the parts we need to be ready to receive the fulness of the instruction and priesthood keys of the kingdom of our father. We have what we need , but just like it says in the scriptures we are not yet ready to support all things. The time comes bit by bit and that knowledge which is of true value as stated by Boyd K. Packer is only obtained through fasting and prayer and a meditation upon the scriptures. I believe there is much more in the scriptures than we can imagine. But we have to be careful not to force our own interpretations out of them. I feel very blessed and at the same time I feel that I haven't been grateful enough for having a prophet and apostles. We can get a lot of encouragement and comfort from their words. I read an article in the July Ensign today and I received a recomendation from one of the other elders to read a part that talks about perfectionism.... wow that article had me figured out right on the spot many of those things I have done and felt in my life....let me look up the link real quick if you get time to read it I think it can help anyone:

I like it I should probably read it some more. it isn't too long either.

 Any ways I have been getting weird calls from missionaries today and even in the last few minutes they have been calling and asking how to fix their toilets or when the chain in the part above breaks what they should do.... I didn't know that is is my job to help with that onehaha we learn something new everyday I guess. My companion is doing very well learning fast. He needs to because I don't know how long I will be here with all of the changes that are going on. I used to feel like I have changed alot, but now I kind of have a hard time seeing the changes that have happened. I have a hard time studying because we often leave the house very early in the morning and we often spend alot of time talking to missionaries on the phone and planning our day. My companion and I just got done teaching a really good lesson with a family that is related to our ward's Bishop. We were super far from the office and then a huge rainstorm came out of nowhere and I got completely soaked. I took a picture, but like I said this memory isn't working so I will have to wait to show it in a couple of months. Sounds like California was fun I love you all so much. 

Love , Elder Bell

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