Monday, May 13, 2013


I am really happy to hear that about grandma Allen it makes me smile. Also, I am happy that Cassidy liked the video thank you for doing that for me :) It is weird, I feel like I have still been close to you all this whole time but you realize how different life is when you see your little brother and sisters all grown up right in front of your face.Just wish I could hug ya all but I am really happy here and days go by way too fast! I ate some KFC today that was good it is the only fast food place on the entire island. I don't have quite as much to say today...why did clay put the fire out with pop? that is really weird ha sounds like a blast .
I feel so blessed that all of my friends are doing such amazing missionary work! or getting married!That is weird to think about they are old.. Today I saw the weirdest thing they process saltwater to produce salt here and where they do it the water turns really really bright pink it looks so cool. I need to get pictures and then on the other side of the road in the ocean there are kite surfers everywhere I want to come back here and do that for sure!
Our house is very clean now and I took my first shower without sandals on for about eight months it was nice :)I hope I can get more pictures of you all to show people they really love that I am going to send a lot more pictures next week. I am excited to start this week off. Elder Thornock is the hardest working comp I have had here so I think we should be able to get a lot done should be an amazing transfer full of great memories! I Love you all a bunch have a wonderful week

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