Monday, May 20, 2013


Do not buy another dog.... please... you can try as hard as you want to replace me but it won't work! ;) This week have been very good lots more people coming to church and the branch is being more productive. It is weird that I only have four more weeks here that is going to be gone so fast! THis is easily my favorite area and I will miss the heck out of it hope I can come back to these Islands some day. Today we went back to that cave from last transfer... wow there are soo many bats in there they kept running into us and everything I never thought I would get I cool experience like that in the missionfield haha. We get to eat so much here. We had two dinners yesterday with lots of food. It was all really good though peruvian food and colombian food. How is your job? Do you still like it? I think it is so weird that I finished of my eight month mark yesterday that feels like such a short time to me that has passed have you been able to get on and accept friend requests from people here on my facebook? There is a memeber here that is awesome that sent a request and really wants a confirmation haha. Papiamentu is getting pretty easy for me now.. but I can't decide if I want to work on Dutch or not.... honestly nowt a very appealing language but I want to learn more languages when I get home I really like it alot now :) I don't have a lot to fill you all in on this week... I need to check my journal. Wait something really cool happpened with Fernando we were worried he wasn't really trying to prepare for baptsim but this whole week him and his wife have been listening to hymns and reading scriptures together and out of nowhere he told us. I am ready to be baptised how soon can I do it? It was so awesome and when his wife and him get married in the temple in a year I hope I can be there! I love you mom tell my brother and sisters hi :) Have a wonderful week!

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