Monday, May 27, 2013

5/27/2013 Memorial Day

 I have had a good relaxing P-day which was really needed because this week we did not get the car once and we were riding everywhere... slacks and a tie don't go well with bikes.
We juast had an amazing talk with Glenn yesterday he has been too busy and he decided that he is taking two weeks off of work so he can meet with us more and focus his time on reading and studying the Book of Mormon. I am very glad I got to be part of his conversion he is going to be a great leader of the Church here in the ABC islands. He is willing to sacrifice so much. We are really busy preparing three four people for baptisms which is more baptisms than there has been here for three years.
 I got a taste of what it would be like to teach in Kansas City last week as we met with a Pastor from "The Church of Christ" and when we came he was sure prepared to attack Two things. The Book of Mormon and the Revelacions to prophets. He really tries to think way too much and didn't have any faith in the power of prayer. He had more anti mormon information than I have ever seen in my life haha. I am so grateful for the testimony I have gained in the Book of Mormon and that he was not able to shake my faith or get us to contend with him...the old me would have argued with him so much . But that does not help to help someone feel that something is true. Oftentimes we have to recognize God really wants us to build faith and not trust so much in our own knowledge and when we do that we become more like him and understand how he works within us when we give our hearts to him.
 I am very grateful for Mormon chapters 8 through nine today they were a direct answer to my prayers this week and I needed to read them. An investigator named Fernando has a wife that is reactivating and she has been very stubborn lately she is really supportive of the church and her husbands desire to get baptize but it seems Satan is working harder on her than him. Especially through distracting her through stupid TV programs and the other night we only got to teach Fernando because he turned off her Tv show and she stormed off angry at what he said when he told her," you watch this show for two hours every night right after work and when you are finally done it is time to sleep" she then said she needs to watch it to rest and left us to teach him. Satan is pretty clever to be able to make us think we can find rest in idle things.
I hope I never return to being like that because I know in many ways I was before. Well I hope you have a wonderful week I love you all very much have a blast in Park City and say Hello to the Excell Family for me!
 Love,Elder Brennan Bell

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