Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I have had a difficult week, but those are great weeks to learn something new and wait for Sunday to help me spiritually pull through. I absolutely love fast Sundays they have been a great blessing for me the whole time I have been serving in the missionfield and even before when I was at home. We are preparing for a new mission president to come on the 28th of June and this transfer of four weeks ends on the 16th of June. The old finance couple has returned after a back surgery and I now find myself a little bit without a job and sometimes wondering what I am supposed to do here in the office. However, I am sure that the solution is just around the corner and that it will all be better by the beginning of next transfer.

 Some really good news that I got from the elder that is in my old area is that a family that I contacted about six weeks ago has not missed a single Sunday and have plans to get married and want to be baptized. Also, Stephanie, the investigator that  cancelled her baptism the night before she was going to get baptized has stayed strong and hasn{t missed any meetings and will be getting baptized on the 14th of June. I find alot of peace knowing that I did my part and worked hard to find those who were ready to receive the truth although they did not know where to find it. I have never been there for any of the baptisms of any families that I have taught, but I still get very excited for anyone that gets to participate in that happening because this gospel is for families that want to last and overcome the temptations and threats of the adversary that strives to make us fall short of waht we came to the world of probation for. I Have noticed that we have to remember our small moments of enlightenment if we want to progress because we are so quick to forget the eternal things. Our vision is often short sighted and doesn{t always focus on eternity. For that there shall always be moments when we are humbled for our own actions and I have felt the Atonement in those humbling moments. I feel very gratful for the mission it helps me appreciate life. I love youMom and Dad,
Elder Brennan Bell

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