Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The office is the office lots of people are sick today and go figures it is the day of transfers. we have been all over and even had to drive to the Zone out on the east coast today because a sister has kidney stones. I get to teach.. kind of we are in a rich place and as far as the members know there have only been sister missionaries in their ward for almost two years so when we meet with them everything goes well and then at the end they usually say something like. Thanks for helping us think of ideas for references to give to  the sister missionaries! haha We have to take a lot of initiative to teach and we have had miracles honestly the contacts we have made have been inspired contacts and found people waiting for us. But it is hard to give follow up to people who work so much and then we do too. My schedule is completely random and I have free time at absolutely horrible moments that aren't very useful to proselite. The thing with the older couples is... kind of messy right now I am learning patience with quite a few things. Being a missionary doesn't ever gets easier we just get used to the load and my load is working out different muscles right not and stressing out my companion and making him grumpy.  I am happy I sometimes feel unsatisfied, but I think that is a good thing it gives me motives to improve and I have a bunch of room for that. I love you Happy Father's day Love you  Dad and Mom

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