Monday, June 16, 2014


Jun 9
I am super tired we just got done playing soccer and I am still horrible at it so it takes more effort on my part to compete. I have been told that I will stay here until august 12th and then I will finish my last transfer in the field. Of course it all depends on what the new mission president wants, but I am pretty sure that is how it will be.  I got to give a talk yesterday and I shared mostly from Elder Bednar's talk in general conference. I really like the wording when he talks about how his friend returned home in his truck in english I think it would be something like a " more humble and happy man." I feel that is how those who deserve the Celestial kingdom will return to Heavenly Father also. I found a chain of scriptures in fourth Nephi that I love they are about being partakers of the heavenly gift. they are verses 3,11,12, 17, 18 they had basically  a perfect understanding of how to live and be free of the temptations and traps of the adversary. and then they started living for personal gain and not teaching the gospel of Christ to their children which lead to the destruction of their people. I love the Book of Mormon it is my strength and reminds me that there is an Almighty God and Creator of all things I know we have eternal aconsequences for all of our actions. And we control if those consequences are good or bad. I am glad you are enjoying the family trip those were always really fun even though I never had a cousin my age to enjoy it with I pray for you often and thinking of all of you whom I love reminds me why I should be obedient and use my time wisely and live my life with integrity. Love you! Elder Bell

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