Monday, August 11, 2014


The last week went by reall fast! we haven't been able to teach very many lessons because of all of thethings we have going on with transfers, but we did have a little miracle last week. we were fasting and walking home on Sunday night and we had had some good visits, however we hadn't found anyone new to teach. which has been a problem for us lately for the last three weeks we haven't found anyone new to help. At nine a clock last sunday night our stake President saw us walking home and stopped and started to talk to us. He then remembered a friend of a family in the ward that he was being taught a couple of years ago he had seen her earlier that week and she was very excited to tell him about what she had been reading in the gospel Principles book she had been reading about tithing and fast offerings. we went directly to her house with him and began to get to know her and she was very interested and shared with us her testimony about how she wants to pay tithing. Well we put an appointment to go back and visit her. which had to be cancelled because she went to the hospital with a niece of hers that day and was with her all week. We still kept in contact with her and she said it would be hard to go to church this week, but that she would try. She went yesterday and It was amazing because the Ward welcomed her so well many of the members were already her friends and she went to and enjoyed all of the classes.  It was a blessing when we went and taught her that she had been studying about fasting which I believe is the very thing that blessed us and the stake president to find ourselves together and he was reminded by the Holy Ghost the we needed to visit her. Besides that We went to a family that was referred to us by the bishop and they have gone to church once in the four weeks we have been visiting them. the mother tells us that she doesn't have alot of interest and she is honestly very nice to us, but doesn't sincerely pay attention to what we are saying. However, her children do and are progressing.  In our last visit with them we had an impression to share in 2 Nephi 31 about the doctrine of Christ and we did, but they believe in orginal sin and that if we are not baptized even as babies that we are condemned for the transgression of Adam and Eve.  We read in that lesson with them the entire chaper of Moroni chapter eight and the mother and daughter began to pay alot of attention and as we finished began to weep. we did not know this, but the mother whose name is Mellisa. Gave birth to a third child who had died three days after being born.  It was a very intense moment because she expressed alot  anger and bitterness she had  kept in her heart for all of the years and repented and explained that she had cursed God and decided he didn't exist  and know she just wants to be forgiven. I hope that  they can receive more comfort as they think and pray about. It . It must be hard to go through trials like that and I know that jesus Christ can help them. I believe that God is just and merciful and all things that are pure and clean will go into his kingdom in his own proper timing.  
Thank you for your messages and support I love you all a bunch. when I  have the pictures with me from Saturday I will send more.
Love, Elder Bell

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