Saturday, August 2, 2014


Well that whole internet thing was a mess and now we are really behind with some payments and things like that, but at least we have it now. Last week wasn't any different than the other ones besides the trip we got to take to El Seibo  to bring a companionship here to the capital. It was a very cool area to drive through I just wish it could have been day time to actually see everything. I had a really cool interview with my mission president. I enjoyed it alot. I am pretty sure that I will be finishing here in Gazcue helping with finances and helping prepare for the 28 missionaries that come in the day that I leave. I am wondering when school starts for me when I get back and when I can start to work. I don't think about that much, but it just came to mind. Transfers are the twelfth of August which I think is going to be absolutely insane because even without having an actual transfer almost more missionaries have been moved in the past few weeks than I have seen get moved in most of the transfers of my entire time serving here. I play soccer every once and a while, but I wouldn't say that I am very good at it.  I mostly just defend well and if anyone uses body to fight it out for the ball I do that alright ha ha some of the Elders get pretty fired up. Especially the ones from Mexico and Argentina. Then a few Columbians and a Panamanian that just play so agressively. So Anthony is almost home.... wow.. and Stihl is long long gone haha Riggs has  eight months or so left Cole is going to have a child Josh has around ten months left I think and Justin might get married ( or he could decide to serve a mission)  I mean he is pretty young I know missionaries that are 28 years old in my mission.more that a few of them are that old. I don't know what to think about Baylin going into college before I go...... weird. that is really cool about Sierra. Wish I could go to the Luau good food will be there. I know it. right now we have afamily and two individuals that are investigating  the gospel and progressing. Everyone here works alot so it is hard to meet with them very often. But when they are alone they at least take time to read and ponder a little bit. The thing is that they seem to be afraid or too doubtful to pray about it directly. Which is hearkening unto the evil spirit it and just reminds me of second Nephi chapter 32 verses 8 and 9. If we don't pray we really just value our own opinions more than God's truths.Love ou! Have a great night. Eat well enjoy your warm showers in the morning ;) haha

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