Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 18, 2014

Mom I am praying for you and your job and I am so happy that you have been blessed with these options and with a gift to talk with people and understand them. You and Dad are the most important support in my life I am grateful for the sacred divine nature of families and parents nurturing and raising their children. I love that Disneyland picture because I remember how grumpy all of the children were the only one that was excited to take pictures was Brittan and I have no Idea why. I love that Brea is sticking out here tongue like that it is so stinking cute! classic picture.

This week Leonidas went to church again and three other investigators went for the second time they probably won't be able to get baptized before I live but that isn't important anyway what matters is the joy they will have and the progress they will have as children of God as they make that decision. I am trying to read the Old Testament in english I figured that since now I understand the Book of Mormon in spanish then I might be able to understand the old testament in english now. :)  I am now in Exodus starting chapter 19.  It is a very high priority for me to understand the scriptures now because I see how the prophecies are being fulfilled and I also find that I feel less confused as I relate the scriptures to my life and I understand more of what is going on around me. When I can relate myself to a scripture sometimes I feel I have to look until I find one that I can relate to myself.
This week wore me out because we went to the airport way to many times one day we went there five times in a row. Lots of flights were delayed too and then we had problems because all of the mission's cards that we use for gas and the hospital and the airport expenses stopped working while I wasn't at the office and that was a headache. So many Elders and Sisters are getting here and they are super young haha my comp is really young to it is funny you can tell a difference. I am going to write more tomorrow. I love you all a bunch. By the way I do always get Dad's emails and I love them they really encourage me so make sure he knows that!

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